Ingredient Spotlight: Manjistha (Indian Madder)

Raise your hand if you know what Manjistha is!⁠

Manjistha, formally known as Indian Madder, isn't very well known in the Western world, but this powerful Ayurvedic plant is known as the glow-maker in the Eastern world, so we knew we had to use it in our products. ⁠

Manjistha is the unsung hero of Ayurveda and we want to change that by singing its praises! What makes it so special? ⁠

✨ Did you know most skin issues and skin flare-ups are attributed to out of balance Pitta? Manjistha calms the Pitta in our bodies to give us beautiful skin⁠
Manjistha supports healthy lymphatic functions to flush out toxins for a vibrant glow⁠
✨ This herb is one of the most powerful blood purifiers on the planet⁠

If you love lymphatic facial massages like marma or guasha, using Sun Beam Radiance Oil as your base can provide your skin with some slip while bestowing the benefits of this magical herb.