Manjistha: Rubia cordifolia

Did you know that there are 17 herbs total in our Sun Beam Radiance Oil? Several of these herbs are common like ashwagandha, dandelion, and rosehips, but there are a lot of lesser-known herbs as well which have been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda for every skin ailment imaginable.

Manjistha is one of these lesser-known herbs is an absolute beauty powerhouse! Traditionally in Ayurveda it is used as a blood purifier (hello, detox) since it has a huge affinity for blood. It works by imparting a cooling effect on the blood and thus cooling the body and skin. This cooling brings down inflammation and calms the skin.

At Pure Alchemy Beauty we are very excited that we are able to bring you organic manjistha from the best farms around the world.

Here are a few highlights of why we put manjistha in this oil:


This amazing herb increases the naturally occurring antioxidants in the body, so you can say goodbye to inflammation. According to one study, manjistha is so powerful that taking it daily prevents a decrease in immunity and glutathione (BIGGEST anti-inflammatory). While this study was for internal consumption, manjistha has been shown to decrease dermatologic inflammatory conditions as well when applied topically. What does this mean for your skin? Basically, say bye-bye acne!


Not only is this wonderful herb great at saying no to inflammation, it also inhibits the proliferation of the specific bacteria that causes acne, P. acnes (internally and topically). Therefore, less acne, more glow.


In Ayurveda, manjistha is typically used as a varnya substance. This is great because it literally translates into complexion enhancing and glow giving. Give our Sun Beam Radiance Oil a try and experience this glow maker for yourself!