Is your dosha balanced?

In Ayurveda, doshas are the three energies that are present in a person's body. Everyone has all three, but one (or even two) are dominant in each person. Doshas include vata, pitta and kapha. We've provided insight on how dosha balance affects your skin!

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When vata is in balance, your skin will feel nice and tight. You’ll also have even skin texture, supple skin and decreased or no skin patches. Lastly, your skin will look bright due to increased circulation. On the other hand, when vata is out of balance you will have brittle and dry skin. Your skin will have cracks and the texture will be uneven. Along with general dehydration, you may notice dark circles under your eyes.


Balanced pitta yields strong skin barriers and rosy skin due to healthy blood. Your skin will be dewy, and you’ll notice an even skin tone with no acne or redness. Another benefit of balanced pitta is healthy sebum production, which moisturizes and protects skin. Unbalanced pitta will show up as oily and sallow (yellow-tinged) skin. You will see inflammation, have frequent acne flare-ups and notice that you are prone to rashes and hives.


Kapha in balance provides naturally hydrated skin that is soft and supple. There will be minimal to no wrinkles present and your skin will be elastic. You will also have bright skin due to lymphatic flow. When kapha is out of balance, you’ll have clogged pores and oily skin. Unfortunately, your skin will appear dull and pale. Along with lacking elasticity, your skin will seem puffy from lymphatic congestion.


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