How Should I Be Layering My Skincare?

Did you know that the order of the products you apply during your skincare routine is just as important as the products themselves? The proper order of application ensures that your skin receives every benefit offered from each of your skincare products. 

Morning Skincare Routine

1. Cleanser

Make sure to wash your face to clean away oil and grime for your layered facial products to fully absorb. Wash using a gentle cleanser with warm water.

2. Toner

Choose a toner that contains ingredients that best meet your skin needs such as glycerin for dry skin and salicylic acid for acne-prone skin. Wait for toner to fully dry before applying the next step to avoid neutralizing the acids.

3. Serum

Serums are products that contain highly concentrated nutrients, hydrators and antioxidants. Aim for an antioxidant serum, such as Vitamin C, which can protect against environmental and UV damage while brightening complexion.

4. Eye Cream

Using an eye cream regularly helps hydrate eyelids and promote elasticity. Look for creams with caffeine (helps puffiness) and a rollerball applicator that can be kept cool in the fridge (for under-eye bags).

5. Moisturizer

A good moisturizer is essential to your skincare regime because it provides a protective barrier with hydration. Apply a light product to damp skin for best results.

6. Facial Oil

Oils leave skin feeling smooth and need to be applied near the very end of your routine as other products cannot penetrate oil. Try our Sun Beam Radiance Oil, which is great for all skin types and targets your problem areas. 

7. Sunscreen

Last but not least (!!!!), sunscreen should round out your daytime skincare routine as it is a barrier and does not need to penetrate the skin to block UV rays. Use at least an SPF 30 physical or mineral sunscreen (for chemical sunscreens, apply before moisturizer). 

Nighttime Skincare Routine

1. Cleanser

Rid your face of the day’s grime, dirt, oil and makeup by cleansing at night. Consider using a cleansing oil to remove makeup, and then wash with your normal cleanser.

2. Toner or Essence

While toner removes impurities left behind from cleansing, essence hydrates and enhances skin for the products applied after it. Choose which works best for you, and apply after cleansing.

3. Treatments (retinol, acne, anti-aging, clay mask, AHA serum)

Treatments are best applied at night because that is when the skin spends time repairing itself. You can use spot treatments for acne, retinol for wrinkles and clay masks (like our Turmeric Glow face mask) to unclog pores.

4. Eye Cream

Aside from addressing crow’s feet and dark circles, eye creams can also protect your delicate eye area from your other skincare products. Use a small amount of eye cream, tapping gently to apply.

5. Night Cream

Night creams can be thicker and heavier than your morning moisturizer since they are absorbed over a longer period of time. Pick one with high water content to prevent water evaporation that dehydrates skin while you sleep.

6. Facial Oil

Finish your nighttime routine with a facial oil like our Sun Beam Radiance Oil. Dab or pat to help your skin absorb quickly and effectively.

Although it may seem like a lot to remember, a good rule of thumb is to apply products in order of thinnest to thickest texture.