Eating Watermelon Ayurvedically?

An Ayurvedic insight from co-founder Dr. Bhavna Singh about a favorite summer treat - the watermelon!⁠
In Ayurveda every food item has its own energetics; this means foods can be classified by their taste profiles (there are 6 tastes), if they have a heating 🔥 or cooling ❄️ effect on the body, and their post-digestive effect.⠀⠀⁠
When food in the same meal has opposing energetics it’s considered a bad food combination. This combination confuses the GI system by asking too much of the digestive fire (agni), and this confusion leads to ama build up. Ama is a super toxic inflammatory substance. 🤢⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁠
With the concept of bad food combinations in mind, watermelon should NOT be combined with ANY FOOD! Since melons are 92% water, they pass through the GI system quickly. Because of this, if you have other foods with the melon (especially dairy), the melon will be prevented from being digested at the right time and instead will sit there. With the melon sitting around, bacteria have a party and start fermenting inside of you! 🦠⁠

Sorry to all of you watermelon and whip cream lovers. 🙈 If you want to enjoy this summertime staple, eat it as a stand-alone dish! ⁠🍉